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RISE MGI is a marketing, growth and innovation company in Denver, Colorado that believes in helping our clients grow. We're about transforming our clients brands to attract, engage, and delight their customers. Our work focuses on what matters. Let us help: 720-440-1675.
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Build. Measure. Learn.

Re-thinking Innovation

InnovWorks was designed after being heavily influenced by The Lean Startup. Modeling after these proven principles, InnovWorks is a set of tools, guidelines and behaviors that will help bring products and ideas to life.

InnovWorks isn’t about moving faster, it’s about simplifying your solutions for your customers and engaging your teams in a new way that will create bigger impact.

RISE Startups is one of the first InnovWorks projects to use our formula. It’s all about iterative shortened product releases and scientific experimentation. See how we can get you started or join us for an InnovWorks event.

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