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RISE MGI is a marketing, growth and innovation company in Denver, Colorado that believes in helping our clients grow. We're about transforming our clients brands to attract, engage, and delight their customers. Our work focuses on what matters. Let us help: 720-440-1675.
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Sales & Marketing

Selling in 2016

Originally featured on the Hubspot Sales Blog.   Did you know in 1904, an article by Frank Hutchinson Dukesmith appeared in Salesmanship Magazine outlining the four key steps of the buyer’s journey? This journey was later named AIDA or Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.    A century later, the sales...

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Modernized Selling

Originally posted on the LinkedIn Pulse. The age old dynamic in any business = sales vs. marketing… And in a perfect world, the two groups should be working in tandem and in complete harmony with one another. Without a doubt, the ability to connect the dots between...

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